Body & Soul - Pop Some / Neighborhood [MFR031]

Having hit the top three on Beatport’s prestigious Drum & Bass chart with their Rebirth album sampler back in February, Body & Soul’s latest single – the final before the album release – looks set to follow suit. ‘Pop Some’s stuttering swagger coupled with the bustling, tear-out intensity of ‘Neighborhood’ come together to form a single abundant in quality on either side – a true testament to the strength in versatility we’re to expect from Rebirth itself. Body & Soul - Pop Some / Neighborhood  Body & Soul - Pop Some / Neighborhood [MFR031] by Mainframe Recordings Body & Soul - Pop Some / Neighborhood Body & Soul: | Like Mainframe Recordings on Facebook:...


Body & Soul - 'Rebirth' Album Sampler [MFR013EP]

Following on from a procession of success stories to come from the creative hotbed that is Austria, Body & Soul steps to the fore to present the sampler to his forthcoming debut LP on Mainframe, Rebirth. Expanding on the artist’s signature aggression and pristine production ability, ‘Just A Story’ / ‘Stir Up’ is a strong representation of just what’s to come from the diverse album project, and we’re really excited to be able to show you years of cumulative preparation and effort from the...[more]


PLAYMA - 'Monsters' Ft. Fred Vedo

Kaleidoscopic Russian production-duo Playma return to the fold for Mainframe’s twenty-seventh release. A pair of tracks that showcase their knack for riotous basslines, twinkling melodies and infectious energy throughout, ‘Monsters’ featuring Fred Vedo and ‘Crackdown’ on the flip are set to confirm Playma’s alluring balance between the playful and the dangerous. PLAYMA - 'Monsters' Ft. Fred Vedo / 'Crackdown'  PLAYMA - 'Monsters' Ft. Fred Vedo / 'Crackdown' [MFR027] by Mainframe...[more]


Bluescreens & Disaszt - 'Overload' / 'Heartcore' [MFR026]

Following on from the success of their last outing on Mainframe with the ‘Assault’ EP, Bluescreens have returned with another riotous single that showcases their sharp production ability and high-energy arrangements. Featuring label boss Disaszt on B-side ‘Heartcore’ and the vocal talents of MC Telex on ‘Overload’, the collaboration combines the talents of both sets of artists to devastating effect. Bluescreens - 'Overload' Ft. MC Telex  Opening with twinkling synths and rising pads,...[more]


Disaszt - Till The Sun Comes Up [MFR025]

Following on from the success of his last single on his own Mainframe Recordings imprint, label-owner Disaszt returns to the fore with another release that showcases the producer’s ability to handle genre crossover with apparent ease. Having recently featured on AudioPorn Record’s debut various artists Transitions LP, ‘Till The Sun Comes Up’ is the spiritual successor to Disaszt’s prior single ‘Sposh’ in terms of its high energy levels, bouncy arrangement and classic French House-esque synth...[more]


Body & Soul - The Puppets / Under The Radar [MFR024]

The spiritual successor to the equal parts beguiling and devastating single that was ‘No One Here’ Ft. Filo / ‘Tequila Worm’, Body & Soul return to the fore with another unforgiving pair of tracks on Mainframe – ‘The Puppets’ / ‘Under The Radar’. The perfect demonstration of the artist’s signature focused aggression and fine-tuned attention to detail, the release once again emphasises Body & Soul’s role within an elite group of trailblazing artists to emanate from the Austrian homeland...[more]