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Based out of Austria, the duo known as “Isee & Thoran” started their project in 2011. Each of them making music now for over 10 years, originaly with a different background, but in fact they share the same inspiration like the sound of NOISIA, BLACK SUN EMPIRE, AUDIO, SPOR or ED RUSH & OPTICAL.

From the beginning, their exceeding sound earned a lot of likes and support from the scene such as Wreckage Machinery, Mefjus, Yanntek, Cooh, MC Coppa, BTK, Optiv, Concord Dawn, Prolix, Dub Phizix, Jay Rome, Shroombab and many others.
After few months of producing, their first EP “Evolution” was released by Neurofunk-based giant Ammmunition Recordings, and at the same time they gained aknowledgement with a signing from Seizure´s lable Close 2 Death.

On a mission to float the people with their heavy sound, these up n’ coming producers are one to keep an eye out for…