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DJ Pandora discovered her love for Jungle in 1995 in Vienna. In this year, she would become a part of the scene. She quickly purchased two turntables and a mixer and off she went to her first gigs at very underground places like Vienna’s EKH or the Arena.

Pandoras first own parties in 1995 included: Pandemonium(1st floor: Hardcore-Techno, 2nd floor: Jungle, together with ATAC soundsystem),Total Exstacy(HappyBreakbeat, together with Homeboy 3) At the beginning of 1996 regular bookings came at Viennas premium weekly DnB club SUB.

In 1996, Pandoras teamin up with Lighta made her part of a well known trademark in Viennas DnB scene. Pandora & Lighta played their famous B2B sets at gigs alongside some of the industries finest including ShyFX, DJ Die, DocScott, Alleykat,… at locations like the world famous Flex (Vienna), Meierei, Wuk, Volksgarten, Massiv, in places like Wels, Linz, St.Poelten, Graz, Salzburg, St. Johann, Zell/See, Berlin, Budapest..

In 2000/2001 Pandora &Lighta hosted some small yet well received parties at Sloppy Joe..s aswell as playing at big events, often supported by female:pressure featuring the likes of DJ Wildchild, Jenna G and Miss Dee. However in 2001 the girls decided to go their own ways. Since 2002,Pandora took to running more events in Vienna including memorable partys such as(2002) Andy C&Mc GQ @ flex, (2003) Randall & MC Flux @ flex, (2003) Optical, Trace & Mc Flux @ Arena,(2003) DJ Die & Mc Dynamite @ Volksgarten,(2004) the Rollers convention series.
Alongside her regular appearances in Vienna, among other things being a resident dj for “Beat It” and “Mainframe”, Pandora can also be seen blazing dancefloors all over Austria as well as across Europe in places such as Innsbruck, Belgrade, Bratislava, Budapest, and at high profile FM4-Parties….

In 2007 she again decided to run more events, staging the monthly “Switch!”-Events together with her “partner in crime” DJ Coda, starting the Jump Up, wobble scene in Vienna. Switch! is now the number one address for Jump Up Drum ‘n’ Bass in Austria, the result of a lot of blood, sweat and tears! After a few early location changes, Switch! has found it’s home at the legendary Camera Club every second Friday of the month.
In 2012 Coda & Pandora started the Switch! Recordings label, offshoot from the club nights, to provide a platform for Austrian producers to release on and for other artists from around the world to gain more exposure to the Austrian scene. The label has so far seen releases from Coda, the up and coming Austrian trio Dorian, Skore & Nayz and the already established Roy Green & Protone, German legend Bassface Sascha, Hungarian duo 2N and scene big guns Zen, Serum and Version. The label is already globally acknowledged and is recognised for releasing quality Jump Up and dance floor tunes.
Not content with that, in 2013, Pandora took over the Co-Promotion of already well established Viennese brand: City of Bass at the Loft. With Jungle/DnB on one and Reggae/Dancehall on the other Floor, Pandora saw it as an opportunity to work with people beyond the Jump Up-Tag. This, in turn, led to her becoming involved in the local Reggae scene, to the extent of which Pandora co-promotes the new and successful party „Vienna TUN UP“, also at Camera Club.

A Vienna DnB scene veteran, Pandora still has her finger on the pulse and still pushing the local scene to further boundaries. A guaranteed party-Dj, who wont let you stand still on the dance floor!