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Hailing from Burgenland, Twenty Freeze got his first set of turntables, and over the following few years his ‘playroom’ turned into a semi professional studio.

After half a year on 16/11/04 Twenty Freeze had his first public appearance at the first infamous Stork Crews Pustztabeatz. Shortly after he became a resident dj, to this day keeping the Pusztabeatz dancefloor moving with his high energy performances.

Along with 4 of his mates, they endeavored to start up their own event, DSC (Digital Subdivision Crew), which, has hosted events at The Bunker, The Zoo, Club Membran, Mandela and some outdoor free parties for the dedicated DSC followers.

Twenty Freeze’s next step was to perform at Graz’s Strictly Beatz. From here on in the gigs rolled in thick and fast across both Austria and Hungary, providing Twenty Freeze the opportunity to play alongside some of DnB’s A-listers, like Noisia.

In 2009 won the Mainframe mix competition, the prize to play on stage alongside, Shimon, Camo & Disaszt in The Arena. In August 2010 Twenty Freeze became an official resident dj for Mainframe. As a Mainframe resident, Twenty Freeze became a regular across Austria on the decks.

What does the future hold for Twenty Freeze? Alongside Dorian for his next musical direction through his production. Whatever it is, he lives for music! With Twenty Freeze the speakers will keep blasting!