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Disaszt feat. North Base – This Life (Out 30/03/18)

Mainframe Recordings is celebrating its 100th release, and we’re overly happy to be joined by North Base, certainly one of Drum & Bass music’s most vibrant outfits these days.

North Base has been joining forces with DisasZt, renowned for his ruffneck trademark sound paired with broad musical versatility. ‘This Life’ is a soaring vocal tune incorporating ethereal pads and classic drum breaks, capturing feelings of urban solitude in a both mentally and physically moving way.

‘This Life’ is released in vanguard of Mainframe’s MFR100 jubilee album (to be released 01/06/18). Stay tuned for more…

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TR Tactics – Rise Of The Galaxy EP (Part One) Out: 02/03/18

TR Tactics on the rise! Austria’s most wanted firestarters have been roaming the scene since 2013, holding account for numerous acclaimed releases on Mainframe, Disturbed, Citrus and Addictive Behaviour, playing out gigs at large scale events like Let it Roll, and having teamed up with artists such as The Clamps, DisasZt, Rhyme Tyme, Optiv, BTK and Phentix.
Since at least by the release of their chart peaking “Vision” EP in Autumn 2017, that’s been making big waves throughout the Neurofunk hemisphere, little more needs to be said about their sound:
Uncompromising, straight-forward Dance Floor Mayhem – you know the deal!
Subsequently, the duo’s take on the myth of creation is telling a tale of darkness, light and raw power, coming to life as sinister techy soundscapes, dirty bass sounds and jaw breaking drums, which will be striking club floors worldwide in uncut anger.
“Rise Of The Galaxy” and “Modulism” on the Flip side make up issue #1 of TR Tactics’ forthcoming two-part release – To be continued…

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Inside The Mainframe 2017 – Continuous Album Mix by Twenty Freeze

Rewind 2017!

01. Erb N Dub & Disaszt – Stop
02. TR Tactics – Vision
>>> DubApe – Why
03. Nakwan & Kryptomedic MC – Bring The Funk Back
04. Dorian – Ritual
05. Manikin – Berlin
06. Body & Soul ft. MC Daxta – Connect (Phentix Remix)
07. Disaszt – Nasty Habit
08. Motional – Flat Earth
09. DubApe & Phentix – Get It
10. TR Tactics – Unreal
11. Body & Soul – Kill Em
12. NC-17 & Korosiv – Bronx Warriors
13. Dorian & Skore – Powertool
>>> DubApe – Fresh
14. TR Tactics & The Clamps – Maggot
15. Akrom & Myselor – Cosmic Creation
16. Isee – Gravity
17. Dorian & Skore – Be Afraid
18. DubApe – Delirium
19. TR Tactics & Disaszt – Fuck It
20. Netics – Dropship
21. Dorian – Breeze
22. Tenchu & Break Pitt – Funk Off
23. Kentro – Bangalore
24. Dorian & Twenty Freeze – Dirty Habits
25. Subtension – Touch
26. Nakwan – Follow Your Rules
27. Dorian – Worlds
28. Tapolsky & Vovking – Regolith

Stream / Download full compilation:

2017 – A season to rewind. Think of TR Tactics’ chart peaking ‘Vision’ EP, think of Dorian & Skore’s notorious summer slammer ‘Powertool’. Think of the massive ‘Bass Infection’ series, seeing an encounter of fellow long-term campaigners and exciting newcomers alike.
With renowned artists such as High Maintenance, Erb N Dub, Subtension, Body & Soul and fresh talent such as Tapolsky & VovKING, Akrom, Nakwan, Kutlo and many more, there’s been plenty of reasons to recompile past season inside the Mainframe. Enjoy a hand picked selection of our favourite tracks from 2017. The bundle comes along with an exclusive continuous album mix by Twenty Freeze.

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DisasZt – Disco Ninja / Shorty [MFR098] Out Now Worldwide

2017 has been a big year for Vienna’s main man DisasZt – renowned producer, owner of Mainframe Recordings and head promoter behind one of Europe’s largest recurring event series under the same brand.
Not only is his latest collab release (‘Stop’ alongside Erb N Dub) currently inciting serious chaos on floors worldwide. His recent productions have displayed a new level of versatility, with decent tunes such as ‘Vogue’ on Viper, and ‘I Got U’ (in collaboration with Brazil’s Alibi) on V Recordings bringing deep vibes and melodic sweetness to the table.

His upcoming release on Mainframe sees Disaszt shifting back to berzerk mode in style, with a crooked “Disco Ninja” lurking behind the corner, ready to strike. All dirty analogue sounding and with tons of bass line pressure, there’ll be blood on the dance floor when its boomy drums hit the crowd – pure danger!
“Shorty” on the Flip side takes you down to the deeper realms of digital mystics. A stylistic cross-breed, sounding future and retro alike, its snappy drums and bouncy bassline will make the fellas jump.

Stream / Download here:
▪️ Get it on Bandcamp:

Beatport Exclusive: 19/01/2018
Worldwide Release: 02/02/2018

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Erb N Dub & DisasZt – Stop (OUT NOW!)

Because they can’t, they won’t, and they don’t stop…
Fresh collab tune forthcoming on Mainframe Recordings sees DisasZt’s sense for raw impact and Erb N Dub’s rather playful approach to the rinse-out business come together in a perfect blend.
Hailing from Brighton, Erb N Dub has become a staple in the UK Drum & Bass scene, with releases on RAM, Technique and Playaz, remixes for DJ Fresh, Foreign Beggars and, not least, his recent joint with Krafty Kuts alongside Harry Shotta, which earned him heavy rotation on BBC Radio 1.
Likewise, Vienna’s DisasZt, the man behind Mainframe Recordings and one of Europe’s largest recurring event series under the same brand, can’t exactly complain about a lack of airplay these days. With decent tunes such as ‘Vogue’ on Viper, and ‘I Got U’ (in collaboration with Brazil’s Alibi) on V Recordings, he has recently surprised his followers by bringing deep vibes and melodic sweetness to the table. On ‘Stop’, he now recollects the tried-and-true heavyweight formula he is known and loved for.
Dark and doomy all the way, meandering synth lines and bleepy signals pile up into a throbbing wall of sound, subsequently being riddled by percussive drumfire and chain punch bass hits. Armed with some extra nasty Rave stabs and bass sweeps engaging in call-and-response with that notorious Beastie Boys sample, DisasZt and Erb N Dub are definitely rockin’ the sure shot on this one.

Beatport Exclusive: 08/12/2017
Worldwide Release: 22/12/2017

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[MFR088] Body & Soul feat. DaxtaMC – Connect (OUT NOW!)

Mainframe representing Alpine Drum & Bass big time on this release. ‘Connect’ sees three of Austria’s hottest exports joining forces, with beloved veteran duo Body & Soul on the production, Daxta MC on the vocals and Phentix on the flip side with a pumping remix.

Body & Soul have been defining the game for over a decade now, with releases on Viper, BC Presents, Breakbeat Kaos and legendary Virus Recordings, and they’re still far from tired of pushing things forward. Phentix recently propelled himself on to major players’ watchlists, with releases on Critical, Cyberfunk and Citrus getting A-List support all across the scene, from DJ Hype to Noisia. Daxta MC has been hyping the crowds at large scale events such as Rampage, Let it Roll, Hospitality and Ram nights lately, let alone being Camo & Krooked’s regular touring MC.

On ‘Connect’, Daxta flows in a heavily laid-back, kind of distant manner, adding a nice twist to the track’s lyrical theme about crowd and performers connecting to each other. Beginning with dark, lo-fi-sounding fanfares, loosely referring to 80’s’ classic 8-bit video games, the tune gradually shifts in key and overall sound to finally blow up as Jump-Up infected Dancefloor smasher, with tearing bass sounds propelling around ton-heavy drums, all embossed with that edgy trademark roughness Body & Soul are best known for.

The Phentix Remix even takes it a level deeper. Here again the intro is slightly reminiscent of the Eighties, though rather citing the era’s cinematographic sphere by adding some John Carpenter-esque soundscapes on top. Following a similar transition, the remix ends up as sub bass heavy roller, emitting a uniquely pumping stop-and-go Funk feel.

Stream / Download:

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[MFR087] DisasZt vs. DubApe – Activate / Razor (OUT NOW!)

Activate! On its A-Side, Mainframe Recordings’ first release in 2017 sees prolific label head DisasZt joining forces with sound wizard DubApe to fire off a nice salvo of rave stabs, the very type that’s been driving fellow Hardcore Junglists mental since back in the warehouse days. Enjoy the flashback – it won’t last long. The immediate punch of 2017’s cutting edge drums will take you right back to the present.
Elaborate Build-up science joining in a highly energetic dystopian craze and heavy impact bass growls… This shape-shifting beast was born to wreak havoc on floors worldwide.

Razor, on the the flip side, is coming deep down from the foggy dungeons of dark steppin’ underground. All grim and gritty, with snappy drums funkin’ things up, a gnarly buzzing Reese bass cuts its way through dense sound textures like a rusty razor blade – pure pressure! This one’s going to keep the shadow boxing army under siege.

Released: 27/02/2017 (Beatport Exclusive)

Worldwide: 13/03/2017

Get on Beatport:

13 February 2017 Mainframe  Music  Release  Soundcloud Read more

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