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24€ VVK @ ÖTICKET (zzgl. Gebühren)  
24€ VVK @ BANK AUSTRIA zzgl. Gebühren)
24€ VVK @ JUGENDINFO WIEN (ohne Gebühren)
30€ ABENDKASSA von 21:00 – 06:00

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VIP: 44€ VVK @ BANK AUSTRIA zzgl Gebühren)
VIP: 44€ VVK @ JUGENDINFO WIEN (ohne Gebühren)
VIP: 55€ ABENDKASSA von 21:00 – 06:00

Date: Sat. 07.03.2020
Einlass: 21:00
Start: 22:00 – End: 06:00

Planet TT Bank Austria Halle – Gasometer
Guglgasse 8
1110 Wien 

More Infos:

Ticketlink :

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25/01/2020 – Mainframe Recordings & DisasZt pres BassCity at Arena Wien

Floor 1 – Drum’n’Bass:

host of the night: MC STEEZY

Floor 2 – Kleine Halle – Dubstep hosted by SHENRON:

Date: Sat. 25.01.2019
Start: 22h (-06h)

12 EUR EARLY BIRD VVK-Tickets (bis 11.01.2020 erhältlich)
15 EUR VVK @ / Öticket / Jugendinfo Wien
18 EUR Abendkassa

!!! Eintritt ab 18 Jahre !!!

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V/A – 17 Years of Mainframe [MFR108LP]

Stream / Download:

Mainframe hasn’t just represented one of the biggest event brands in Vienna, as well as across Europe, but also the record label which branched out from its legendary events series. For nearly two decades they’ve been bringing some of the globe’s hottest drum & bass artists to their stages and have helped develop the careers of its budding producers. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by the entire scene which has watched it grow for seventeen years and to mark this occasion they’re set to drop their ‘17 years of Mainframe Recordings’ album. The LP features an eye watering 18 tracks, all of which provide a snapshot into how the imprint has evolved over the course of its expansion. Including newcomer artists who Mainframe are currently investing in, as well as those who Mainframe have had play at their raucous club nights, there’s a host of tastes catered for. And with a name like Disaszt at the helm, the album, the label and its events have been in good hands.

Tracks like Ripple’sStranger’, WingzDefinite’, and Halflow’s ‘Progressive ID’ set the mood, showing the talent which Mainframe have at their fingertips when it comes to the fresher waters of drum & bass. Then Mainframe frequenters Dubape, Phentix, Alibi and Smooth pull you into their expert riddims throughout its track listing. Breakpitt & Tenchu offers something different throughout the soundscape of ‘Flashfreeze’ whilst Picota & Kumbh’sContact’ continues the moodier vibes. Tobax’s cutthroat style is prevalent throughout ‘Overback’ and the head honcho Disaszt returns with Dorian for ‘Boom’. Tuff Gee & Carter’sPimp Ride’, Manta’s ‘Childhood Memories’, Salaryman’sSoul Reminder’, Akov’sAfterlife’ and Counterstrike’sFearless’ finishes the exclusively new tracks but there’s more to come, with a VIP treatment of TR Tactics and The ClampsMaggot’.

As an album, it’s a formidable collection of tracks. But when looking at Mainframe’s vast history, they would need such an LP to pay homage to their legacy and ‘17 Years of Mainframe’ certainly delivers. So, sit back and begin your journey through the album, which is sure to bring back memories from the best club nights over recent times.

Full Release: 06/12/2019

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DisasZt – Whistle [MFR107]

Stream / Download:

Following a triumphant year for DJ Disaszt, which last year saw his record ‘In & Out’ featuring Patch Edison gain global recognition, he returns with another hit single on Mainframe Recordings. The head honcho of Mainframe, both the 17-year-old events brand and record label which has moved from its roots in Vienna to becoming a word wider powerhouse, Disaszt has an extraordinary work rate, something which you can see through his own catalogue of releases. But it’s not just the frequency of his output which has turned heads, but also the high levels of musicality demonstrated throughout. Disaszt has proven himself to be a mainstay figure within the Austrian drum & bass scene, as well as further afield, which is why he’s once again looking to reach even greater heights with this new release.

Whistle’ takes you back to the hard-lined riddims which Disaszt tears through within his DJ sets. Juxtaposing his track ‘In & Out’, with Patch Edison’s vocals being its center point, ‘Whistle’ is aimed more for the dancefloor. Its flipping drum progressions and hooked beats add to its club appeal, although with Disaszt himself having spent nearly twenty years building the live section of his Mainframe platform, it comes as no surprise that he’d be able to inject this same energy into own music.

But ‘Whistle’ doesn’t just signpost another addition to the discography of Mainframe, but also for Disaszt’s own career. Having spent years helping to create a pedestal for other producers, he’s taking the spotlight and in doing so is expanding his own horizons as an artist.

Beatport Exclusive 01.11.19 / Full Release 15.11.19

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Various Artists – Twisted EP [MFR106EP] OUT NOW

Released: 23/09/2019

Stream / Download:

A label that’s spent seventeen years curating its line ups and delivering music of the same high quality, Mainframe Recordings is back with another EP showing they’re still on their A-game. Label head Disaszt has called upon many of the artists who’ve played on the infamous Mainframe stages to put their production against some of the label’s mainstay staples. There are four new revises debuted on the forthcoming ‘Twisted’ EP, with the full package set to drop in August with each track being dropped over four consecutive weeks, signaling how important the label has become since their takeover of the Viennese club world nearly two decades prior. Calling on producers Smooth, Hamilton, Dorian and Erb n Dub, there’s a sound to fit every listener and one thing can be certain… That this EP was made for the dancefloor and that’s exactly what the EP’s originals were designed for, too.

Smooth is the first to come forward and his version of Erb n Dub and Disaszt’s track Stop has the same tear out power with its drum programming and slamming pads. Slovenian Smooth has a knack for hard basslines and precisely grafted hooks, something which is apparent as soon as his version ignites.

RAM Records roster artist Hamilton follows with his remix of Dorian & Skore Powertool, a mean old-school roller which carries itself with stabbing bass riffs. This EP has been precisely curated to maintain Mainframe’s superiority and the old-school rhythms of Hamilton aids that.

Dorian then makes another appearance, this time through his own remix of Kutlo’s Raw, as nasty as its prototype and channeling the same crackling LFOs. It’s a hurter, something you’d imagine on the set list of any Mainframe night.

Araonic’s Stomp is given the Erb n Dub treatment, starting with the same lulling intro before its chaotic lasers begin. It switches into a midsection slammer, before pulling the curtains on a short documentary of Mainframe’s history over the last seventeen years. The neck-snapping intensity of these records speak for themselves. It’s once again time to re emerge yourself in the world of Mainframe, converging the skills of its guests into one EP.

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Merchandise Pop Up Store – 19/09/19 @ Zapateria Vienna

Hi Soldiers, wir eröffnen am Donnerstag, den 19.09.2019
————-> KOMMET OH KOMMET<———-
Wir starten um 16:00 und sind bis  20:00 für euch Vorort.Wir haben SNAPBACKS / TRUCKER CAPS / TSHIRT (IN ALLEN GRÖßEN und 3 verschiedenen FARBEN / STICKER / FEUERZEUGE / GYMBAGS !ES GIBT MUSIK, MERCH, DISASZT wird dabei sein und noch vieles mehr ….. CYA THERE

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Erb N Dub – Power [MFR105]

Beatport Exclusive: 31/05/2019 | Worldwide Release: 14/06/2019

Cat No: MFR105

Known for his High Energy 4 Deck, scratch laden DJ Sets and earth-shattering production, ERB N DUB is an artist that is going from strength to strength and making Waves throughout the Music Industry.

ERB N DUB´s stand out DJ Sets are regularly performed at some of the biggest Club Nights and Festivals in Europe, America & the UK. ERB N DUB is certainly a name to watch throughout 2019 with previous releases on Ram Records, Eatbrain and Technique and fresh off the back of his 6 Track EP with Harry Shotta plus remixing many leading Artist’s such as DJ Fresh, Foreign Beggars, TC and The Prototypes and guesting on both Friction & Annie Nightingale Radio One Shows, ERB N DUB is now part of the Mainframe family.

“Power” is exactly what this track delivers, there’s no Roller here… Full Scale onslaught of Bass Madness guaranteed to get you off your seats and straight to the Dance Floor! Tight production and anthemic intros is what we have here! “Power” is already gaining support from – DJ Friction, The Prototypes & Crissy Criss and many more…

Stream/Download on Apple Music:

Download on Beatport:

Stream on Spotify:


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Mainframe Radio (Episode 4 – hosted by Dorian)

Mainframe Radio #podcast is back in 2019 with another 90 minutes of Austrian Drum & Bass pressure – Episode 4 featuring Vienna’s number#1 smooth criminal Dorian (Viper/Nu Playaz/Mainframe) in the mix!

00:10 Dorian & Skore – Cyber Punk
02:50 Bad Company UK, Mat Zo, Kill The Noise, – Ice Station Zero
04:14 Teddy Killerz vs. Gydra – No Kidding
04:58 Current Value, Bou – Higher
07:09 Concept 2 – Cause ‘n’ Effect (Calyx & TeeBee Remix)
08:30 A-Cray – Lasers & Stuff
09:20 Kove – Tonight
10:05 Dorian – Breeze
11:11 Mob Tactics – Bigfoot
12:38 Mampi Swift – The One (InsideInfo Remix)
14:03 Smooth – Revenge
15:55 TC & Metrik – The Light (AMC Remix)
17:23 Smooth – WTF
18:30 –DC Breaks – Underground (Tantrum Desire Remix)
19:13 Misanthrop – Malfunction
21:02 Crissy Criss & Heist- Rumble
22:08 Taxman – Creepshow
24:20 Cyantific – Hardbody
26:00 Hardwell – Party Till The Daylight (TC Extended Remix)
27:05 Judge – The Horns of Abel
28:50 –Rusko – Somebody To Love (Sigma Remix)
29:38 Mefjus – Suicide Bassline VIP
31:28 Dimension – Techno
33:39 Dorian feat. Phentix – Phobos
35:08 Dorian – Raw Dub (Dubplate)
36:35 We Do Our Thing (Original Mix) Prolix
38:16 Dorian & Skore – Powertool (Hamilton Remix) (Dubplate)
39:08 Dorian – Creature (Dubplate)
40:55 Phace & Misanthrop – Sex Sells
42:49 Prolix – Light Speed
44:35 DJ Hazard – Killers Dont Die
45:21 Joe Ford – Gaucho
46:50 Gydra – Primitive Instinct
48:40 –Calyx & TeeBee – A Day That Never Comes (Break Remix)
49:20 Dorian & Skore – Powertool
51:35 Annix – Axshun (Neonlight Remix)
52:19 Taxman – Too Bad (Remix)
54:28 Tantrum Desire – Vybez
56:20 Unglued – Bootstrap Bill (Original Mix)
58:04 Noisia – Voodoo (Noisia’s ‘Outer Edges’ Remix)

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