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DubApe has always prided himself in being an eclectic producer; hailing from Austria, he’s become an artist who’s defined its wider scene, playing across its clubs which are also some of the most pivotal amongst the genre. Originally specialising in the deeper side of the sound spectrum with his 140 releases, the DJ and producer soon set his sights on the harder, dancefloor styles, something which he’s showcased multiple times on the drum & bass mecca of Mainframe Recordings.

After debuting on the label in 2015, DubApe has continued to be one of the defining forces within their roster. And this time he returns with a brand-new EP which signifies why Mainframe welcomed him into their ranks. His melding of dark, atmospheric sounds are instantly recognisable and this is something which he has injected throughout his forthcoming ‘Parameter’ EP.

The EP begins with its title-track, a record which is unafraid as it builds layer upon layer into an intro goading the listener before catapulting you down its very first breakdown. Each foreboding click of percussion and stab of sub bass takes you on a stepping journey before chaos is unleashed. Longman’s growling vocals only adds to its urgency. ‘Mantra’ follows with the same epicness, a sci-fi inspired cut which robotically builds until the pressure is almost impenetrable. Then it breaks following tribalistic brays, and when it does you’re taken along for the ride, on top of gyrating drum patterns and pounding slabs of kick drum. Following in its path is ‘Fungus’, just as explosive and showing the darker underbelly of DubApe. With subterranean levels of bass, you’re taken fully out into the deep. Then finally you’re introduced into the world of ‘Centipede’. Sliced and diced into slamming segments, it’s a dancefloor orientated record with disjointed cinematic samples, the type of which stand out amongst each painstakingly crafted segment. It shows DubApe’s production standard. One which has brought him into the ranks of Mainframe Recordings and a place he’s slowly grown his art.

Exclusive: 08/01/2020 | Full Release: 22/01/2020

19 January 2020 Mainframe