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Manta – Spectre EP [MFR111EP]

Manta – Spectre EP [MFR111EP]

Beatport Excl.: 13/02/2020 | Full Release: 27/02/2020

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2020 is set to be another strong year for Disaszt’s Mainframe Recordings. After spending nearly two decades using his events brand and its label as a hub for the Austrian drum & bass scene, he has since pushed his influence even further afield, something which can be seen by the producers he’s recently welcomed into its fold. Renowned for its groundbreaking line ups and heavyweight compilations, it’s also the artists’ solo projects which have drawn so much attention to the label. This is set to continue with the brand-new EP forthcoming from Manta, another Mainframe soldier, who despite being a relative newcomer, has met impeccable standards with his burgeoning catalogue of releases. The recent collection from Dubape was always going to be difficult shoes to fit into but Manta has shown that Mainframe isn’t a one trick pony when it comes to its high-quality releases.

Also hailing from Austria, Manta brings with him the dancefloor vibes which have made Mainframe parties and its imprint so notorious. Beginning the EP is title-track ‘Spectre’, a crunching, distorted record which takes you deep into the fray with every club-orientated groove. It raises the levels and throughout Manta’s forthcoming ‘Spectre’ EP this are upheld, signalling how Mainframe have stayed at the top for so long. They’ve always managed to pull through the very best talent from their local waters.

Manta’sTimeshift’ follows the same algorithm, setting the pace with a flitting intro which drops you deep into its carnage. ‘Survival’ is next on the track list, pushing through alongside the jagged edges which make Manta’s records ooze with danceability. Then ‘Encounter’ draws the EP to a close, boasting the type of full-frontal assault that causes so many ravers to stream through the doors of Mainframe’s settings night after night.

The ‘Spectre’ EP pinpoints another monumental part of Mainframe’s ascension. One which has been rising since they first came into the game, almost twenty years prior to this upcoming release.  

4 March 2020 Mainframe