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Body & Soul, Fourward – Authority VIP / Carnage (Dubstep Remix)

Body & Soul, Fourward – Authority VIP / Carnage (Dubstep Remix)

Label: Mainframe Recordings

Release date: 2012-03-05

Catalog number: MFR018

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Authority VIP (Original Mix)
Body & Soul, Fourward
Carnage (Dubstep Remix)
Body & Soul, Fourward

After a bumper year that saw the release of DisasZt?s ?Shadow & Lightning? LP and Xilent?s ?Evolutions Per Minute?, along with the co-signing of rising stars such as Xilent, High Maintenance, and Fourward with Audioporn Records, 2011 was another successful year for Mainframe Recordings. Now the label, headed by the Austrian legend, DisasZt, starts 2012 with an explosive collaboration between Body & Soul and Fourward that sees two of Austria?s hottest talents join forces. After their storming ?Space Car Wash? / ?The Healer? release on Mainframe, Fourward team up once again with compatriots and Mainframe veterans Body & Soul for a bass-heavy reworking of their classic collaboration on Virus Recordings, ?Authority? / ?Carnage?. ?Authority VIP? With support from the likes of Hospital Record?s Camo & Krooked, the original ?Authority? quickly became a favourite of dancefloor worldwide, and now gets Drumstep rework. Featuring the same minous atmosphere and infamous introduction of the original, ?Authority VIP? boasts a half-time beat impossible not to nod to, and grim, textured bass that makes the original seem lighthearted in comparison. Not simply a half-time update, ?Authority VIP? is a whole new beast, with one of the meanest drops of 2012. The flipside features a Dubstep reworking of the fast-paced, energetic ?Carnage?. Already a dancefloor favourite, this remix adds the grimy vocals of the originals with gritty low slung bass with spectacular results. Far from a slowed down version of the original, ?Carnage Dubstep Remix? descends into greater depths with filthy bass, solid drums and detailed production that adds an overwhelming sense of menace. By combining the grim atmosphere of the original, the instantly recognizable vocals and an even filthier bassline, the result is a track with less speed but twice the attitude.