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Bass Infection Vol. 3 (OUT NOW)

Bass Infection Vol. 3 (OUT NOW)

Label: Mainframe Recordings

Release date: 07/08/17

Catalog number: MFR091LP3

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Bring The Funk Back
Nakwan & Kryptomedics
The Raid
Chaos State
TR Tactics
The Swarm
Body & Soul

Bass Infection is spreading out inexorably. Volume 3 of the album series launched back in June brings you another load of pandemic vibes and contagious beats from all around the globe – enjoy the outbreak!
On the opener, Nakwan & Kryptomedic are teaching a lesson in how to “Bring The Funk Back”. Kryptomedic’s instructions are carried by an atmospheric intro that’s constantly building up tension to burst in a drop unleashing some serious fire. After having gained attention with releases on Renegade Hardware and Kinetik recently, young talent from Bratislava Kutlo is marching in with “The Raid”, a merciless Stomper driven by pan-pot-percussion and earthquake bass lines. TR Tactics do what they do best – disassembling the system in a fury and shifting orderly conditions to a “Chaos State”. Better run for cover when you see “The Swarm” coming up – Body & Soul let loose the Killer Bees. Finally, Netics, newcomers from Belgrade, are making their debut on Mainframe with Dropship, a fierce roller resembling the vibe of late 90s’ Drum & Bass. Keep it coming!