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Bass Infection Vol. 4 (OUT NOW)

Bass Infection Vol. 4 (OUT NOW)

Label: Mainframe Recordings

Release date: 25/08/17

Catalog number: MFR091LP4

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Funk Off
Breakt Pitt & Tenchu
Kill Em
Body & Soul

Bass Infection keeps on spreading! Mainframe Recordings proudly presents another four freshly engineered strains from the world’s most clandestine underground labs.
After its thoroughly dark and heavy predecessor, Volume 4 of the mighty album series starts off with a comparably playful opener track by London based newcomer Kentro, who is taking you on a wild ride through the hazy streets of “Bangalore”. With a recent release on Renegade Hardware, and now on Austrian Drum & Bass’ flagship imprint, this talent has to be watched for sure.
On “Funk Off”, Vienna Residents Breakpitt & Tenchu take it a whole level deeper. Find a prime Tech-Funk roller here, garnished with a nice pinch of cool jazz reverberating from the days when Drum & Bass still was that mystical inner city thing Electronic Dance Music’s avant-garde was all hyped about.
Next up, and void of any kind of retro vibe, fresh talent from Switzerland Maverick is letting loose a modern day “Valkyrie”, but this one didn’t come to take fallen warriors to Valhalla, but rather to unleash pure Dance Floor euphoria. Back to serious business at the closing track – on “Kill Em”, Body & Soul are back with another hard hitter and again make no prisoners. To be taken literally!