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Bass Infection Vol. 5 (OUT NOW)

Bass Infection Vol. 5 (OUT NOW)

Label: Mainframe Recordings

Release date: 12/09/17

Catalog number: MFR091LP5

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Flat Earth
Follow Your Rules

Bass Infection all over the world! With Volume 5 we are celebrating global contamination and proudly bring you a final load of pandemic vibes and contagious beats – mission complete!
“Flat Earth” sees Sheffield based duo Motional deconvolving the Earth’s surface and speeding towards new horizons, with the ride coming to a sudden end when the beats start hammering down.
“Berlin” by Manikin, fresh talent hailing from Perth, Australia, takes you deep down to the basements of the city’s former no man’s land lying waste after the wall had been taken down. This is how heads were stepping in the days before squatters and off-the-wall clubs had to make way for office blocks and chic boutiques – underground never dies.
“Follow Your Rules” by Nakwan is soaring up to ethereal heights, a call to unchain minds and see the world’s beauty glow, safely carried by a powerful Reese bass and percussive beats propelling forward through wide open space – let it shine!
Last but not least, Netics are back on Volume 5 with another crooked roller called “Vulture”. No frills in here, just a razor sharp Reese and tearing drums, plus a decent pinch of those wicked Belgrade vibes get the job done with ease.