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Dossa & Locuzzed – Beatfunk

Dossa & Locuzzed – Beatfunk

Label: Mainframe Recordings

Release date: 2015-08-24

Catalog number: MFR022EP

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Beatfunk (Original Mix)
Dossa, Locuzzed
Tournament (Original Mix)
Dossa, Locuzzed
Showtime (Original Mix)
Dossa, Locuzzed
Oldschool (Original Mix)
Dossa, Locuzzed

After multiple releases through their Solo Projects, Austrian fire
starters Dossa & Locuzzed joined forces to deliver us the hottest new
music in the Drum & Bass scene. Their highly anticipated debut EP,
‘Beatfunk’, is a 4-track journey through an impressively diverse
soundscape. ‘B-B-B-B-B-Beatfunk!’ The title track ‘Beatfunk’ starts off
with an enormous power, which you will definitely feel on the dance
floor, thanks to the breakneck drum work, combined with twisted
basslines. Following Up is ‘Tournament’, a melodic masterpiece, built
upon by striking note progressions, a relaying of patterns which chop
and change the mix. Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s show time! Leading you by the hand with carefully placed subs, adding impact & emphasis on each break, ‘Showtime’ is an innovative slice of drum & bass which is both fun and drivingly relentless. And finishing up is ‘Oldskool’, a steppy
riddim, one which doesn’t completely crash on impact but instead is
creeping in its intensity, thanks to the wobbly vibe.