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Dorian & Skore – Retro Driver / Cyberpunk

Dorian & Skore – Retro Driver / Cyberpunk

Label: Mainframe Recordings

Release date: 29/03/2019

Catalog number: MFR104

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Retro Driver
Dorian & Skore
Dorien & Skore

Vienna’s acclaimed Drum & Bass juggernaut Dorian, arguably one of the scene’s most versatile artists these days, is teaming up with fellow Austrian Jump Up Kingpin Skore once again to deliver their follow-up collab to 2017’s smash hit “Powertool”, which has been sported by the likes of Annix or Hamilton and made huge waves throughout the whole scene.
Doing a reckless time warp to the Eighties, Dorian & Skore are taking it back to those pioneering days of wireframe aesthetics and Arcade gaming glory. Time to enter the grid when drums start pumping, carried by staggering FM bass triplets and iconic Electro Disco sounds, ready to conquer Bitmap Hyper-Reality when the lead theme is sneaking in. Having premiered on Pendulum’s One Mix podcast last July, “Retro Driver” is now about to sweep over the masses, so be sure to toggle Auto-Fire on and hit that button.
Lingering on the Flip side, a somewhat darker “Cyberpunk” opens up with a heavy half timing intro, full of dystopian soundscapes and vivid Blade Runner-esque imagery about to be stripped off and blow up as a bone-dry tech stepper, with neck snapping drums and biting bass stabs getting your chaos engines started. Badboy business for sure, brutal deluxe!