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Mainframe Soldiers Vol. 4

Mainframe Soldiers Vol. 4

Label: Mainframe Recordings

Release date: 2015-09-13

Catalog number: MFR023EP

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Starship (Original Mix)
Derryl Danston
Devil Dance (Dossa Remix)
Dossa, Funk Effect
Sting (Original Mix)
Hard Enough (Original Mix)

We’re kicking off the season with the fourth instalment of the Mainframe Soldiers Series, including names which we heard much lately and a newcomer to the Mainframe camp. Derryl Danston keeps delivering with an enormous track, ‘Starship’, warming you up for the rest of the EP and his next solo release, coming out on Mainframe further this year. Next up is Dossas remix of ‘Devil Dance’, a track by our Frenchman Funk Effect, which came out on the 2015 Drum&Bass Arena Compilation, accompanied by Locuzzed’s remix. You definitely will feel the funky take on this one, combined with Dossa’s signature sounds. Stinging out of the Tracklist is Mr. A.M.C , who makes his comeback on Mainframe with a powerful masterpiece, infusing classical drum elements which leaves the track with a resounding impact: ‘Sting’. Closing up this intense journey of rolling chasms and the demonstration of colossal technical capabilities is our newcomer Raptix with ‘Hard Enough’, a hard-hitting piece of Dubstep, which will make your bones shake.