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North Base – Snout

North Base – Snout

Label: Mainframe Recordings

Release date: 11/05/18

Catalog number: MFR100SB

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North Base

Mainframe Recordings is celebrating its 100th release, and we’re overly happy to be joined by North Base, certainly one of Drum & Bass music’s most vibrant outfits these days, holding account for big time smashers like ‘Third Eye’ (alongside Turno feat. Harry Shotta) and remixes for prestigious artists such as Example or Craig David on Viper, Technique, Audioporn and serveral other high profile labels.

Comprising of two young studio cracks Wilf & Splice plus DJ Silver, the latter one deeply rooted in the Manchester Drum & Bass scene’s pioneering days, the trio’s output unifies cutting edge sounds with a timeless old-skool vibe, as perfectly displayed in their upcoming banger ”Snout”. Preceded by a thuggish low-pitch vocal, violence is definitely on when the drop hits, brutely unfolding crude drumwork over a rumbling Reese, spiked with barking mid-range basses and thrusting cowbell action.

In the follow-up to Mainframe 100 Album Sampler #1 (“This Life” by DisasZt feat. North Base), ”Snout” is released in vanguard of Mainframe’s MFR100 jubilee album (to be expected in June 2018). Stay tuned for more…