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Fourward – Space Car Wash / The Healer

Fourward – Space Car Wash / The Healer

Label: Mainframe Recordings

Release date: 2011-11-25

Catalog number: MFR016

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Space Car Wash (Original Mix)
The Healer (Original Mix)

Hailing from Austria, Fourward are already one of the most eclectic and talented groups in the bass music scene today. Coming from a long tradition of Austrian dnb producers such as Camo & Krooked, DisasZt and Body & Soul, Fourward are the latest to launch themselves into worldwide limelight. Marrying tech-step, neurofunk and their varied influences into one slick package, this new awesome foursome have taken the scene by storm, with a host of prestigious labels. After their popular LP on Citrus Recordings, Fourward have gone from strength to strength, working with highly acclaimed artists such as Tali on the mighty Facing Fourward and even remixing Neurofunk legend Jade for his new Eatbrain label. Fresh from being snapped up by exclusively to DisasZt’s Mainframe and Shimon’s Audioporn labels, Fourward drop their first single on Mainframe, the cosmic sounding Space Car Wash, and enter their most exciting chapter to date. Driven forward by a catchy, sumptuous bassline, Space Car Wash boasts the insane groove and attention to detail that make Fourward one of the most exciting groups in the DnB scene today. ‘The Healer’ takes things to a more chilled out plane. Ethereal synths swirl around precise percussion and delicate keys whilst airy vocals add a greater sense of wonder to an already mystifying intro. When the track finally drops, a brazen low bassline bulldozes all that comes before it. DJ support from DisasZt, Shimon, Xilent, Camo & Krooked, High Maintenance and more.