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TR Tactics – Rise Of The Galaxy EP (Part One)

TR Tactics – Rise Of The Galaxy EP (Part One)

Label: Mainframe Recordings

Release date: 02/03/18

Catalog number: MFR099A

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Rise of the Galaxy
TR Tactics
TR Tactics

TR Tactics on the rise! Austria’s most wanted firestarters have been roaming the scene since 2013, holding account for numerous acclaimed releases on Mainframe, Disturbed, Citrus and Addictive Behaviour, playing out gigs at large scale events like Let it Roll, and having teamed up with artists such as The Clamps, DisasZt, Rhyme Tyme, Optiv, BTK and Phentix.
Since at least by the release of their chart peaking “Vision” EP in Autumn 2017, that’s been making big waves throughout the Neurofunk hemisphere, little more needs to be said about their sound:
Uncompromising, straight-forward Dance Floor Mayhem – you know the deal!
Subsequently, the duo’s take on the myth of creation is telling a tale of darkness, light and raw power, coming to life as sinister techy soundscapes, dirty bass sounds and jaw breaking drums, which will be striking club floors worldwide in uncut anger.
“Rise Of The Galaxy” and “Modulism” on the Flip side make up issue #1 of TR Tactics’ forthcoming two-part release – To be continued…